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Or you can register your interest by sending your contact details and details of any experience to the Short Film Otago email address.


For any further information about Short Film Otago please contact:

Al Baddock:
021 588 545
Judith Curran:
027 235 8794
Stephen Downes:
021 174 9411
Katie Brockie:
021 188 1282

Short Film Otago
PO Box 5692
Dunedin 9058

Categories of people we are looking for crew in:

Latest script round closed 31 May 2016.

How to get involved

We are seeking far and wide throughout Otago for people keen to work on the production of short films.

In the noble tradition of short films, much of the work will be unpaid as precious dollars need to go towards the cost of equipment and facilities.

How the Short Film Otago process works

Each year, Short Film Otago (SFO) applies for funding to encourage and support the writing and making of short films in the Otago region, and also to grow the skills and talents of keen film makers in the area.

Our major funder continues to be the Otago Community Trust; without their generous support each year we wouldn't have been able to fund the 12 films that have been produced to date.

A call for projects is made once or twice each year. This is open to anyone in the Otago region. The written concepts can be fully finished scripts, or one-page outlines, or works in-between.

A “blind” assessment process is used to determine which scripts will proceed to production. A Selection Committee (appointed by the SFO Board) will be provided with copies of all scripts with an identifying number attached and no details of the author/s.

The Selection Committee will make recommendations to the full Board on which scripts will proceed to production. Usually two or three are selected each year.

Each production is assigned an experienced Executive Producer, with a solid industry background, who may continue to work on the script with the writer.

A team is assembled for each production. A call will go out for crew through the Short Film Otago website, and through other industry sites/email groups.

Each production team will sign a contract with Short Film Otago, which will set out their responsibilities.

The production team/s present a preliminary budget, and invoice SFO for payments for their film, over the pre- and post-production stages.

A premiere is held to showcase the new films.